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We know how fed up you are with phoning for help and having to listen to the recording telling you how much they appreciate your patience while they are 'experiencing higher than normal call volumes'.

No matter what time of day you call. 

We are sick of it too.

Walk right in and talk to one of us IN PERSON.  

What a concept, right? Genuinely friendly, expert service.

At PacTel we know phone systems, phone lines, data, mobile phones, billing solutions and just about everything about business communications. 

We are the ONLY communications company in Victoria who offer you competing services and pricing for phone systems, phone services like PRI and basic lines, mobile cell phones including the latest in iPhones AND full data and high end tech products.


iPhones 7. Tablets. Samsung S7. Google Pixel. And more...

Business Plans with $400 port-in credits and EXTRA data.

Business class CONSUMER plans! Imagine being treated as an executive and having your family treated the same, great way.



Basic business lines. Yes, they are still around and despite what you may hear, they aren't going anywhere. We need them. Every business needs a phone line in and a phone line out. Call us. 


Basic internet is a must. It has to work. It has to process your staff's daily workload and your customer payments. It has to be secure and it has to be well-priced. 


Wholesale Hosting and Connectivity solutions provide a genuine, cost-effective way to manage mission critical data and equipment in a secure environment. Extend your service presence throughout Canada and the US. 


A robust network is critical to the continuity of your business operations. Any network downtime due to technical issues can result in the loss of productivity and revenues. Leverage our Advanced Technical Services for all your network support requirements.



The backbone of your business is the telephone. People have to be able to reach you and you have to be able to reach them back. Staff need to have lines to the outside world and voicemail and all the adaptable features like paging. 

Basic, everyday stuff. Important stuff. 


Royal Oak Shopping Centre - Victoria BC

103-4430 West Saanich Road, Victoria BC V8Z 3E9.

Call us: 250.384.3155

Office Hours

Monday 10 am - 2 pm

Tuesday 10 am - 5:30 pm

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Saturday 10 am - 5 pm

Sunday - CLOSED

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