Friendly, expert advice.

Cellular Plans, Data, Devices, Credits, Billing Solutions and just about everything any business needs for their communications.


The BEST devices like iPhone X and Samsung S9.

WE do the negotiating of rate plans for you!

We have a birds-eye view of all things cellular and we extend that knowledge to you.


Guess where I am?

Doesn't matter. Bell's leading edge LTE network pretty much insures you have coverage whenever and wherever you need it. 

Small Business Receives Exceptional Benefits

Better 'upfront' costs

Professionel quotes. Reduced or Eliminated Upfront Costs for the best, newest devices. You will be impressed.

Better Monthly Rate Plans

Build a powerful communications network for your employees and customers, knowing you have the BEST rate plans available. 

More for your Money

Getting better rate plans is just the start. You also get MORE. More data and more priviledges like unified messaging and voice to text. 

The Best Cases

Otterbox, LifeProof, CaseMate and more.... Full Protection.

Full Communication

We show you exactly what you get and what your costs will be. 

In-person Support

Ever tried to get any help with tech questions via 'help lines'? Often frustrating and definitely not helpful.

Every try and get tech help via 'help lines"?

Only to find out they aren't very helpful at all.

Come in and talk to one of us in person. ANYTIME. You'll get the BEST advice, the friendliest and most efficient service and the no nonsense transparency every business needs.

All You Can Eat

We deliver a wide range of suggestions for your business. Anything you think you might need (and some you may not have thought of).

We've got you covered.

Port-In Credits

Being a small business can be tricky. Every little bit helps and we guarantee you will receive the most bang for your buck. Ask us about moving your service from Telus or Rogers. You'll get the BEST port-in credits available.


Real language. Help that is actually understandable. We aren't trying to impress you with tech terms. We are here to HELP you use your device how you want.

It'll be easy. We promise.

Your chance for an awesome experience

New Cell Phones should be fun! We make sure they are.